World Maritime Day 2020 Theme, Importance, History & Celebration

The history behind the world maritime day 2020 started from the united nations via international maritime organization they created this day to celebrate the international maritime industry contribution towards the world overall economy. This company leads to the shipping. This is a valid reason to give protocol to the company. This day always falls on the last week of September and this depends upon the year days.

The main focus of this day celebration is that we should come to know the correct importance of shipping safety and security. The market share of the IMO is greater than the other organizations that is the main reason the united nations specifies. As the global network of the shipping is very much vast. We must be aware that the world maritime day is celebrated in the major parts of the world such as Australia, Canada, the united kingdom, united states.

World Maritime Day 2020

Besides the celebration this day is celebrated in the schools and colleges. Teachers also give awareness of this day to all the students. This is the global observance and not a public holiday. The celebration includes families enjoyment in the shape of the parties, trips, gatherings, and many other activities. Many people don’t know the proper knowledge of the world maritime day 2020.

The reason is that this day is of the ships. So all the people related to the shipment have a holiday on this day. They can also go to their homes. Either it is not a federal holiday or a public holiday. Despite this day is only for the ships then the people take interest and go for a holiday from this day. The history of this day is very dark. This day was first celebrated on March 17, 1978for the IMO convention’s entry into the army. This day will be going to celebrate on 24 September 2020. We will anxiously wait for this day.

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