Easy Eid Al Fitr Pronunciation in English 2020 | How Do I Pronounce Eid Al Fitr

People ask from Google how to pronounce Eid al Fitr in English 2020? We have the solution for the correct pronunciation of happy eid al Fitr Mubarak in the English language. This should be aware of every person because anytime he or she has to wish the other person the blessings of happy eid Mubarak. The correction of these words of Eid Mubarak to wish the other person is described in this post. Moreover, The word eid is derived from the Arabic word means “festival and feast (the invited food)”. Eid is the term which is used by the Arab Muslims and the Muslims in the whole world. Now, eid is the festival or the greetings which is celebrated by the Muslims in scared trust of Allah.

When the Muslim on the day of eid meets with the other Muslim he says the words as “eid Mubarak”. As described previously, the word “eid” means or is pronounced as “festival” and the “Mubarak” after it is called in English is described as the “greetings”. Here you will also be taught clearly the correct pronunciation of eid. This helps you to spell correctly while writing eid al Fitr as well as you can correct other people.

Eid Al Fitr Pronunciation in English 2020

Eid al Fitr pronunciation in English 2020 can be described and written as “Eid Al Fitr”. This is pronounced in speaking as ‘eed’ the same as the word of “feed”. The next word comes as “al” which is pronounced as ‘all’. In some countries it is known as ‘ul’ and pronounced as ‘ull’, pull this word. The next word comes of “Fitr”. This can be pronounced as ‘fit’ which means lean in English literature. After saying fit then again sounds of “t” joins with the sound of “r”. This is the most traditional and standard method of wishing the other person.

Due to the arrival of eid al Fitr, besides the celebration of this eid, you have to wish the other person. The wishing can be done with the help of wishes images quotes messages and clip arts. This year eid al Fitr is going too celebrated on 24 May. Eid starts on the night of 23 May and ends up on the evening of 24 May 2020. Make a list of all your beloved ones and then wish them by using this correct pronunciation. You can wish them by using our best images and messages shared with them. We also wish you a happy eid Mubarak 2020.


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